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by Stephanie on September 17, 2011 · 0 comments

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I’ve been spending a lot of time reading lately.  I know that’s not a common topic on this blog and maybe no one will be interested but what the heck, right?

I haven’t read for fun in a few years really but after I saw the last Harry Potter movie I decided to reread the series from the beginning.  I’d read the books before but each of them only once, right when they were released.  I read about one book a week until all 7 books were done and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  I had forgotten how engrossing and well-written they are. 

I also picked up on setup for later events in the earlier books.  There is a real consistency and natural progression with the storyline.  It made me wonder if J.K. Rowling had all 7 books outlined before writing the first one or if she shaped the later books based on what she had written before.  I’m curious how the creative process works for a series writer.  I would love to write a book, fiction of course.  It’s been a dream of mine.  One I am unlikely to act on but I enjoy dreaming it nonetheless.

Anyway, now that I’m done with the HP books I’ve moved on to reading another fantasy fiction series by Terry Brooks that I started when I was younger and never finished.  It’s about a burnt-out, disillusioned lawyer from Chicago who buys a magic kingdom from a department store Christmas catalog, goes there, and becomes King.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it as well.

I love fantasy fiction (minus the vampire stuff… I can’t get into the dark side of it as much) and even a good deal of science fiction.  For me reading is escapism at its best.  I’ve tried reading biographies and books on heavier subjects and often find I don’t care for them.  When I read a book I want to remove myself from the problems of this world.  I want to be transported.  I want my imagination to run wild picturing places, creatures, and events that cannot exist.  I want magic. 

That being said, the next book I plan on reading after I finish my current series is decidedly not fantasy escapism.  Devil in the White City is a non-fiction story (though written like a novel) about the exciting Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and the serial killer who used the fair to lure in his victims.  I’ve heard from several people that it is a fantastic and interesting book but that it is dark and disturbing as well.  I will probably have nightmares after reading it.

One more thought on reading… I like books.  I think Nooks and iPads and all that technology is awesome and I might even use it more if I had something the size of the iPad instead of just the iPhone.  It’s not the same though.  I like reading the jacket, dog-earing favorite passages, and flipping through the pages.  I like the feel and the smell of a book, the permanency of it.  I also don’t like buying books.  I rarely buy them for myself, which is another reason this technology is not my ideal.  I like going to the library and picking something off the shelf.  I like free.  In so many other aspects of my life I am bound to technology.  I’ll give myself over to mp3s, smartphones, email, video chat, Twitter, Facebook, running and workout gadgets, and a dozen other technological advancements.  Reading is my holdout. 

Here is my new reading nook (born out of reorganizing 3 rooms of the house).  I love this chair… so comfy!  I have a little table big enough for a book, a drink, and a candle.  It’s kind of a perfect spot :)

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