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by Stephanie on September 16, 2011 · 0 comments

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Hello all!  I’ve been MIA for the last… wow, week and a half.  Sometimes you just need a break from the documenting, huh?  My love of writing and desire to share and connect with others is still strong, but at times I feel the need to totally disconnect.  From Twitter, from blogging, from most of my social life. 

I’ve spent a lot of my “disconnected” time over the last 1.5 weeks just thinking.  Pondering.  Working through things that are on my mind. 

What are my priorities?

What am I going to do to reach my most important goals?

What needs to change in my life to make it better?

These are big questions without easy answers.  Sometimes, as I’ve discovered, the answers are easy but implementing them is hard.  Changing routine, changing goals, changing directions, changing priorities.  These things are never easy but so often necessary. 

How do you start? 

How do you keep momentum? 

How do you drag yourself out of complacency?

How do you balance all of your many and varied goals and interests?

So far I’ve only been thinking.  I’ve put no new plans into action.  I have not even written anything down.  I will now.  It’s time.  I’m a list person.  And a spreadsheet person.  I will soon go into Excel and write out all of my goals and activities and try to sort, note, prioritize, and plan. 

A part of me yearns to just go with the flow and avoid the plan-making.  At times I hate structure in my non-work life because there is so much structure in my work.  I know if I do that though, certain goals will get lost in the shuffle and won’t get the attention they deserve.  Not all goals, but ones I deem important and ones that I know won’t happen on their own.  I do not want to be sitting here a year from now with the same goals on my mind because I let it slide and did not accomplish them.  That is unacceptable.

On to the planning.

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