Dedication: What’s Inside of You?

by Stephanie on September 28, 2011 · 0 comments

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I saw this picture on the Bits of Wisdom blog today (where I often get daily quote fun and motivation) and I was kind of blown away by the imagery.

Isn’t that something?? 

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was a quote I heard a long time ago, though I’m not sure who said it:

“Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out.  But I can usually shut the b*tch up with cookies.”


I kept thinking about the picture though.  I know there’s a skinny person inside of me.  I met her a while back and I’m well on my way to discovering her again.  I’m already dedicated to that goal.

What if there’s an amazing athlete inside me too?  There’s an amazing swimmer in there.  She hung out with me for 13 years of kicking butt and taking names in the pool though admittedly I’ve lost sight of her as my focus has shifted away from swimming and towards running and multi-sport.  Running though, has never been my thing.  I’m still new to it and it does not come naturally to me.  I struggle with slow pace and any number of aches, pains, and injuries. 

So, what if there’s an amazing runner in there?  What if, inside of me (or you!) there is a faster, stronger, better athlete than we ever imagined?? 

I’ll admit that while I’ve done a good job of sticking with my running for the last 14 months, I have not given it my all.  I have not done much strength or speed work.  I have not sought help from more experienced runners.  I have made sure that training only minimally affected other aspects of my life.  My motivation has come and gone like a tide and when it was low I did the bare minimum and my heart was not in the training.

What would happen if I really dedicated myself to this endeavor (running and triathlon, as for me they are related)?  Would I rediscover my inner awesome athlete self and find that she can not only kick butt in the pool but on the road as well?  Would I surpass even my own expectations?

I don’t know, but I want to find out!

What’s inside of you?

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