4 Years of Puppy Love

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This past Monday (September 19th) was my German Shepherd’s 4th birthday!  If you only want to see the ridiculously cute puppy pictures, feel free to scroll past the next few paragraphs.  If you want to hear how that cute little puppy down there came to be mine, read on!

When I went to pick him up, I got my choice of about 9 puppies from the same litter.  I went in this giant pen to play with them and decide which would get to  come home with me and be spoiled rotten.  Little did I know, the puppy would pick me.

I had no preference for male or female really so I played with them all.  What a bunch of little monsters they were!  Biting everything!  In the 30 minutes, tops, that my friend and I were in this pen these puppies chewed the shoelaces right off of my friend’s shoe and chewed a hole in the boot I was wearing (I had ankle surgery 3 weeks before this, hence the big foam boot).  I played with each of them, picked them up and held them, and then sent them on their way.  When I set them down, they would all run straight back to their brothers and sisters.  Except one.

This one puppy kept coming back.  I’d hold him and set him down.  He’d run back to his littermates to play but within minutes he’d be back.  I’d play with him some more and he’d go off again and then return.  This happened probably 5 times and he was the only one who did it.  The last couple of times he would come back and just lay down at my feet.  Clearly, more than any of the other puppies, this one wanted to go home with me.  So I took him!

On the way home I had to pick a name.  I had a couple of ideas but because he was a purebred, the breeder requested that all puppies from this litter have registered names beginning with the letter ‘D’.  (Breeders do this so they can recognize their dogs and what litters they came from at shows, though I do not show this dog).  I didn’t have any ‘D’ names picked out so I spent the three hour drive trying out names.  I like names to mean something or be related to something I liked.  I love the Rat Pack and their music which lead me to try out the name Dino (Dean Martin’s nickname) but it didn’t feel right.  Dean, however, sounded perfect.

Hard to believe that in four short years he’s gone from this tiny, sweet little thing…

… to this silly goofball (doesn’t he look like he’s laughing??)…

… to this full-grown guy right here.

I’m so glad he chose me :)

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