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by Stephanie on August 26, 2011 · 0 comments

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Working in the corporate world has its perks but access to sunshine and outdoors during the weekdays is not generally one of them.  My building has a nice little lake in front of it with a little path around but it’s not really big enough for a decent lunch time walk.  And let’s be real… I rarely have time for that anyways.

That’s why I always love going over to our HQ complex across town.  There is this beautiful garden atrium near the internal coffee shop that is the perfect place to enjoy a little sunshine.

Isn’t that peaceful?  Granted it’s not as good as the outdoors but I find it to be a nice relaxing spot to take a breather from meetings and computer screens.  I have meetings there about twice per month and I make sure I get there early enough to enjoy breakfast at the nearby tables.

I’m almost glad I don’t work in this building because then I might take this pretty little spot for granted!

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