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Though I just said that family vacations can be bad for my diet and training schedule, I do love them so!  This week I’m in Door County, WI with my immediate family (Mom, Dad, 2 sisters, and 1 bro-in-law) and my Aunt’s family (Aunt, her 4 kids & significant others, and her 6 grandkids).  It’s a zoo with all these people but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

We are staying at this awesome place called Little Sweden right outside of Fish Creek, WI.  We have a big 3-bedroom penthouse that easily holds 6 of us for sleeping (my whole immediate family) and all 19 of us for dinner and games each evening.  We couldn’t have picked a better spot!

The couch in the living room is hugemongous and so comfy!  I’ve spent a good deal of time here reading and relaxing.

The dining room also has a couch and a chair in addition to the table.  The table has been the sight of many a game of Shanghai Rummy!

The whole big group of us split up the dinners for the week.  We bought groceries and every night about 4 of us take over the kitchen and prepare a feast for everyone.  It’s a fantastic way to eat on vacation if you have a kitchen available.  You only make dinner one night the whole week and you eat healthier and cheaper than you could going out all the time.

Little Sweden has a rec center with indoor/outdoor pool, games, and a workout room.  But I’ve been running outside instead.  Too nice to be cooped up!  Plus they have 4 miles of hiking trails and a little 9 hole golf course.  This makes the views from our room pretty sweet!

Door County really is a fun place to visit.  We’ve gone on winery tours, cherry picking, biking, hiking, and lots more.  Today we spent the day in Peninsula State Park where some people went biking and then everyone hung out at the beach.  The highlight was renting a double hydrobike with my Mom.  How fun!  Pedaling powered little propellers on the back and our handlebars had rudders attached.  It was SO fun!  Here’s a pic of us trying it on the beach before we headed out.

The beach was beautiful… warm water, nice breeze, and lots of people out enjoying it!

We also ate at the famous Swedish restaurant, Al Johnson’s.  They are known for their grass roof where actual live goats hang out and graze!  Plus the food is amazing.  If you ever have a chance to eat Swedish pancakes spread with a little bit of butter, lingonberries, and rolled up like a crepe, DO IT.  They are unbelievably delicious and I am not a pancake person.  (Shout out to all MidWesterners or Chicago Land folks, Walker Brothers Pancake House has the real thing, complete with lingonberries!).

There are other great pictures to share but those are on my real camera and I can’t post them right now.  These were all taken with my iPhone so they were readily available for sharing.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!  If you have been to Door County and have suggestions on things to do, let me know.  I’m still here for 3 more days!!

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