Cookie Dough and Other Balls

by Stephanie on August 26, 2011 · 1 comment

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I have a confession.  I love balls.  Dessert balls, that is!  (Get your mind out of the gutter).  Dessert balls have two identifiers: they do not require cooking/baking and they are served in ball form.  Easy peasy.

My family has made Peanut Butter Balls for generations.  They are crunchy balls of peanut buttery goodness and they really can’t be beat.  Everybody who has ever had them, loves them.  I swear its the only reason some people hang out with me at all.

The funny thing about these is that the recipe calls for them to be covered in chocolate after they sit up in the fridge for a few hours but they never last that long.  I promise you that no one I know remembers the last time they were dipped.  As soon as they are solid enough to eat, they are gone.  My mom once made the mistake of making them the night before my college graduation party.  During a night of family card games we couldn’t help but munch on just one.  And then another.  I swear, I’ll only have one more.  We ended up having 4 balls (from a batch of about 30) make it to the graduation party which really only caused people to fight over them.  We should have just eaten them.  Live and learn.

Last year, thanks to a good friend, I added a new dessert ball to my repertoire. Oreo Balls.  Cream cheese and crushed up oreos covered in chocolate?  Yes, please!  (Are you sensing a sweet tooth here?  If not, look harder ;)).  The great thing about these is the variety.  Regular Oreos in milk chocolate?  Okay.  Cover them in white chocolate or almond bark and it’s tastier.  Mint Oreos covered in milk or dark chocolate?  Yum.  My personal favorite is Golden Oreos covered in milk chocolate.  The perfect balance.

This week my friend Heather came over to bake and one of the goodies we made was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls from Joy the Baker.  This lady has some awesomely decadent goodies on her site.  Check it out for some inspiration when you’re in the mood!

The Cookie Dough Balls taste just like cookie dough but the egg is replaced with yogurt so they are safe to eat raw.  They set up in the freezer in their ball form and then got dipped in chocolate.

They are super tasty and a fantastic addition to my dessert ball recipes.  Though my heart still belongs to the Peanut Butter Balls :)

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Samantha August 29, 2011 at 4:21 AM

Yummy! I’m salivating! Another recipe to add to my homemade goodies list. I haven’t actually made anything yet, but I plan on it!


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