Race Recap: Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

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I completed my first half marathon!  Woo hoo!

Sorry for the late date of this recap.  It’s 8 days after the race, it’s true, but with the rest of my Seattle vacation and then the work buildup to deal with when I got back I haven’t had time to go through my pictures.  Turns out, I don’t have that many pictures from the event but I’ll share the couple that I do!

The Race

The morning of the race (Sat June 25th) I got up at 4:30 am.  Usually anything before the 6th hour of the day would be torture for me but that day I popped right out of bed to get ready.  By 5 we were on our way and by 5:45 I was dropped off at the start line.  I passed the time waiting in line for the bathrooms and chatting with everybody around me.

I was in the 30th corral (there were about 40) so despite the start time being 7 am, I didn’t cross the start line until about 7:51.  The closer I got, the more nervous I got.  I was glad for the music and the announcers making jokes and talking up a storm.  When my corral got up to the start he asked how many people were running their first half today and about 3/4 of the corral raised their hands.  I was in good company.  Then the announcer said “I’m going to give you first-timers a piece of advice.  SLOW DOWN!  Next race you’re going to want to beat the time you get today.  Why make it harder on yourself??”.  What. fantastic. advice.  Broke the tension just enough before the gun went off!

The first 7 miles were great.  I felt strong, I stuck to my intervals (run 5, walk 1), and I ran faster than normal.  Miles 7 through 10 I got a few side cramps and struggled through them.  I blame this on not ever drinking during my long runs at home and then drinking a little at every water stop on the route.  I might need to add water stops to my long runs in the future to prevent this.

By mile marker 10 I was over the side cramps and feeling good again, but it didn’t last.  Right around mile 10.5 my legs died.  I suppose I could have foreseen this as the longest training run before my injury was 9 miles and the longest since the injury was 7.  I was just hoping it wouldn’t.  But they hurt.  I did the math in my head and I knew I was going to make my revised goal of under 3 hours even if I walked the rest of the race.  I had two options: 1) push it through the last 3 miles even though it would hurt like crazy but beat my time goal by a landslide or 2) take it easy, not inflict more pain on myself than necessary, and still get my time goal but just.  I chose option #2.  Pre-injury I would have chose option #1 and been happy to do it.  After the injury my focus had changed.  I didn’t want to kill myself.  There will be time for that when I am fully healthy and prepared.

I saw my friends Carrie and Steve, close to mile 12 and Carrie ran out into the street to high five me.  It made me so happy to finally have someone that I knew on the course cheering for me.  It makes a difference!

So, long story short I crossed the finish line in 2:57 and felt pretty darn great!

I got my picture taken, chugged a couple of waters, and proudly wore my medal all over that post race party.  And while icing.  And to lunch.  And around the apartment as I recovered!

The race was a blast, went better than I expected, and I’m SO glad I did it.  Despite injury, despite friends who I registered with backing out.  This was a GREAT experience.

I can’t wait til the next one :)

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