Book Review: Mile Markers

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I love good writing.  I love it when someone can be candid, personable, funny, and inspiring.  I love it when a writer waxes poetic about the their everyday life and finds the deeper meaning hidden in simple events.  I LOVE this book.

Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run is the latest book by Kristin Armstrong.  She’s a contributing editor for Runner’s World, a Boston Marathon qualifier, a single mother, and a fantastic writer.  The book is based on the blog she writes for called Mile Markers.

The book covers all her reasons (women’s reasons) for running.  The chapters are miles, 1-26 and an epilogue for the .2.  It starts with beginnings and ends with gratitude.  In between are stories about endurance, love, kids, fear, pace, passion, and purpose.  A lot of her stories include her running group or her “sweat sisters”.  The way she talks about their support, their camaraderie… it makes me want to overcome every fear I’ve ever had and go out and find my own group.  Is this an accurate representation of running groups in general?  If so, I’ve been missing out big time.

Krisitin truly has a way with words.  She is so perceptive.  She makes think and laugh and all too frequently she makes me cry (what can I say?  I’m a crier).  She puts into words that which I cannot articulate.  Like this…

“…my performance outside may only rarely reflect the runner on the inside, but there is a certain endurance rush reserved for those of us who have to work extra hard just to stand on the starting line and dream.”

There are other passages I wanted to include in this review but my earmarked copy of the book is missing… I seem to have given that copy to my friend instead of one of the new copies I bought after realizing it was worth sharing.  The great thing is that after flipping through the book for 5 minutes I found a dozen passages worth writing.  I won’t put any more here because you should really discover them for yourself.  I just tell you that to highlight how there is insight lurking on nearly every page of this book if just open it up and look.

I highly recommend you look for yourself.

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