My New Favorite Airline…

by Stephanie on June 24, 2011 · 0 comments

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… is totally Virgin America! I’m serious. I’d fly them anywhere.

When you first get on the plane you notice the lighting. There are blueish purple and pink lights all over that give it a party vibe. He seats are black leather instead of the blue fabric that every other airline uses and they were very comfortable.

The coolest thing by far was the RED entertainment system consisting of a touch screen on the back of each seat and a remote control in each armrest. Like so.


It allowed you to watch satellite TV, movies, play video games, email, and chat with people on your plane. You could even order food and drinks, pay by swiping your credit card, and a few minutes later the flight attendant would show up with your order.

This is the remote doubling as a QWERTY keyboard and a video game controller. If they had Mario it would have made my life :)


This made my flight to Seattle much more enjoyable. Kudos to Virgin America for being different. I would seek out flying with them again for sure!

Any airlines blow your mind recently?

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