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by Stephanie on June 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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In April I was in Chicago for a 10-mile run.  While I waited in the cold and rain in the start corrals I chatted up a woman nearby.  She was a local who had been doing races in the area for about 10 years.  I felt an instant kinship with this woman.  She talked about being slower than most people who call themselves runners and how everyone is always surprised to hear she is one because she’s not your typical runner body type (things I feel myself!).  She was quirky and funny and a bright spot in that miserable morning.

As we chatted we talked about gear.  She showed me her picks for that day’s race and I couldn’t get enough.  I’ve only been focused on running for the last 10 months and I’m what you might call gear-poor.  It’s pretty much just me and my iPhone on my runs.

She showed me her vest/jacket combo and her little magnetic key/cash/ID carrier.  Both were cool.  But not as cool as the Gas Cap.  Have you heard of it?  It’s a hat or visor that has places to carry gels and other fuel for your long runs.  It’s made by a company in Boulder, CO and founded by Carla Melton, a long time distance runner, in 2007.  You can find out more about the company here.

My visor came in the mail less than a week after I placed my order.  My address and the return address were hand written on the box and there was a short, hand-written note folded inside my invoice thanking me for my order.  Now that’s impressive.  Made me feel good for supporting this company!

The pockets on the visor were not as elastic as I was expected and the gels I like are bigger than the typical GU-type ones so I was worried that they wouldn’t fit.  As you can see, I had nothing to worry about.  All loaded up and ready to go!

Notice the velcro pocket too.  Big enough for a house key and some cash for the road!

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