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by Stephanie on June 22, 2011 · 0 comments

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First, I’ve never posted three times in one day.  This is a record.  Take note.

Second, my second post today which is titled I Am A Runner is pretty much my most candid post to date.  It was raw and emotional and I was crying when I wrote it.  With all that emotion I really didn’t think about what I was writing.  I wrote what I was feeling, discovering, about myself.

Do you realize how rare that is?

So often we cover our real selves up.  We hide behind a mask or an image or what we think others expect or want of us.  Tonight I was watching one of my new favorite shows, Franklin & Bash, and I posted on Facebook about it.  At first I wrote “Franklin & Bash is an awesome show.  Me likey!”.  Then I thought “me likey?  that sounds dumb and childish”.  So, I hit backspace and erased it.  Why?  I’m pretty particular about my Facebook friends.  I know most of them in person and I consider them all to be the kind of people I would want to call a friend.  Why would I censor myself around them?  Why wouldn’t these people accept me for who I am?

The thing is, they would.  It’s our own insecurity that makes us hide.  When we open up and reveal our silly/childish/geeky/crazy/private side, that’s when we really start to connect with others.  And I bet we’d all be surprised at the response we get.

So let your freak flag fly!  Don’t hold back.  I’ll start.  I love spreadsheets and Star Trek.  I get excited about trivia and I consider myself a connoisseur of birthday cake.  And I write silly little things like “me likey” after Facebook posts.  That’s just me.

Now tell me about you :)

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