My Cup Runneth Over

by Stephanie on May 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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It’s late and I’m exhausted but I can’t go to bed until I write this.  I am so full of love and light right now.  It is such and overwhelming feeling that I’m afraid if I go to sleep I will wake up and find it gone, a figment of my imagination.

I am in Brazil still for my work and staying in the small town of Horizontina.  A couple, Edi & Ernesto, invited me, a stranger and a foreigner, into their home tonight.  I thought this was a very nice gesture on their part.  It was so much more than that.  They did not just cook me dinner, they opened their home and their hearts to me fully and without reservation.  We shared food (way too much), drink, and music.  We overcame language and cultural barriers and found ourselves singing and dancing together in their beautiful home.  We spoke (slowly so we could all understand each other) about family, career, and more.  We laughed… oh how we laughed!

It is so easy to be jaded and cynical.  It is so easy to find ourselves annoyed with others, to shut ourselves off from things outside our immediate circle.  How refreshing to meet a couple who defies this idea with every breath they take.  Who so clearly look for (and find) the good in others.  Who share everything they have and give without a thought of what they might get in return.  These are good, salt of the earth people.  These are the people that are worth finding and worth keeping in your life.  

I want to hang on to this feeling I have tonight, this light.  I want to be more like them; open and inviting.  Not that I am usually a negative person.  Past experience has just made me cautious.  I am wary of opening myself up to others in fear of being hurt.  This comes easily to some though not to me, not recently.  There is so much to be gained though, I believe it is worth the risk.  Opening my heart to others without reservation will lead to deeper, more meaningful relationships.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  A craving for connection with other people?  Without this life is empty.  I want to be fill others up.  I want people to feel God in my presence the way I felt it in the presence of my new friends. 

I have known Edi and Ernesto for only a handful of hours but when I left there was hugging and kisses on the cheek.  Not polite hugging.  The kind of hug that makes you feel like you’re family.  They gave me gifts as well.  The first was a small bottle of cachaca and the second was a hand made, hand embroidered placemat.  I will cherish these gifts.

My heart is full and my cup truly does runneth over.

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