Preventing Weekend Derailment

by Stephanie on April 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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The last few weeks I’ve been eating well and exercising. In general I’ve done a good job of staying within my weekly calories according to my awesome app, Lose It. Until the weekend.

On the weekend I am out of my normal routine and all my good habits fall apart. I end eating out and making less than stellar choices. I have drinks with friends. I munch while I’m at home, which is more than I’m home during the week. I don’t log what I’m eating so I can pretend I’m not doing that bad.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it is definitely something with which I struggle. And it sure doesn’t help my Monday weigh-ins! I do a pretty good job of eating healthy and exercising during the week. I hate to see two days negate a good portion of that work. It means that I’m not seeing the results of my efforts as quickly which can lead to loss of motivation. I don’t want that!

So, here are my ideas for staying on track.

1) Log EVERYTHING! Being conscious of what I am eating and how good or bad it is for me has been a huge help in losing my first 24 lbs. It doesn’t mean I don’t eat things that are bad for me or go over my calories knowingly at times. It does give me the awareness to make an educated decision though. If I know the facts, I can decide if the indulgence is worth the cost. This is the biggest thing that will keep me on track.

2) Exercise every weekend day. I usually do my long training run on Sunday. Despite not really needing a day off before the long run, I generally don’t work out on Saturday (though last week I went golfing!). I don’t want to wear my legs out on Saturday but I can go for a brisk walk, an easy bike ride, lift weights or go for a swim. I have more free time, in theory, on weekend days so I should take advantage of that time to move closer to my goals.

3) Make a plan in advance. I generally have an idea of what I’ll be doing over the weekend. I know if I’ll be going out with friends, out of town, etc. I need to make sure I look at my schedule and plan accordingly to help myself stay on track. If I’m going to be home I need to make sure I have good, healthy food to make for meals. If I’ll be traveling then I need to pack healthy drinks and snacks to prevent multiple fast food stops. If I know I’ll be splurging one night, I need to make sure I keep it in check and then eat sensibly the rest of the weekend. I can have my fun and my food, but I need to make sure I don’t completely let myself go!

I’m going to try to follow these guidelines this week, which will be hard because my parents are coming into town and I know I’ll be eating out more than usual. Hey, if I can make it through a weekend with company and come out ahead on the other side then I’ll be on the right track!

Do you struggle keeping up your healthy habits on the weekends? What do you do to stay on track?

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