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by Stephanie on April 5, 2011 · 0 comments

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Steve and I have been working tirelessly to fix up his basement over the last couple of weeks. It’s a dug out cement floor and wall basement with ceilings too low to actually be worth finishing the space. That doesn’t mean we can’t make it livable though! It is no longer a dark, dirty space with storage stuff just lying all over the floor. No sirree!

Steve originally wanted to fix it up to put in the ping pong table his grandparents offered him. So we painted and carpeted, set up a little sitting room with a couple of recliners and such, and moved that sucker in! It is SO fun. We invited friends over last Saturday night to break it in and I can tell we’ll be spending a lot of time down there. We even made sure to have a fridge and a TV hooked up to the dish so we can watch TV and listen to Sirius radio stations.

In addition to all that, we made sure to put in a workout space! We don’t have room for a treadmill which is fine by me. I’d much rather do as much of my cardio as possible outside. This space will be for stretching, strength and resistance training, core work, maybe even yoga.

The space is small, but it’s big enough for what we need. We got 3/4″ thick interlocking floor mats to protect us from the cold cement floor. We also purchased an incline/decline bench to aid in strength training.  When not in use the bench can be pushed underneath the stairs so it’s out of the way.

For equipment we have 5 & 10 lb dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells that can go from 10 to 60 lbs, an exercise ball, and some resistance bands.  Along with body weight exercises, that should be all I need to shape myself right up.

And of course, there’s the TV in the corner so I can get my music or entertainment fix while I’m working out!

I’m super excited about the new workout space and the basement in general!  I’ve really got burnt out of lifting at the YMCA.  So often people are just hanging out on machines between sets, chatting, and playing on their phones.  I once did an entire circuit before a guy got off a machine I wanted to use.  That’s crazy!  So, no more of that for me for the time being.

Time to go work out in my new little home gym!

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