Monday Motivation: Remember This Scene from Dodgeball?

by Stephanie on April 4, 2011 · 0 comments

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I absolutely love this scene from Dodgeball and I think it’s perfect for an edition of Monday Motivation.

If you’re not familiar with this scene here’s the basic summary: Vince Vaughn’s character has decided to quit the dodgeball tournament, runs into Lance Armstrong, and the bike king just totally shames him for quitting.  Can you even imagine?  Eek.

This scene came up in conversation with my friends about a year ago.  I remember thinking about what it would be like to explain to someone who has overcome such terrible disease and accomplished so much, that I can’t find time to work out because… what?  I’m tired?  I’m lazy?  It’s too hard?  I’d be feeling some shame too!  I wrote down the quotes from this scene in my “Motivation” folder on my computer and every now and then I open it up and really think about why I’m quitting  or giving up or not reaching for my goals.  It always makes me laugh and points me in the right direction again.

So, watch the scene and let it shame (or motivate) you into getting back on track!

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