Monday Motivation: Consistency

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Being consistent in your actions and efforts is important to reaching your goals.  If you’re looking to lose weight you need to be consistent in eating well.  If you’re preparing for a race you need to be consistent in your efforts to exercise and train.  This is also true in career and home life as well.  Being consistent can build a good reputation and become someone that people in your life can count on.

Today’s quotes for all about consistency.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about how consistency has paid off for me.  For now, enjoy and have a good week!

For the novice runner, I’d say to give yourself at least 2 months of consistently running several times a week at a conversational pace before deciding whether you want to stick with it. Consistency is the most important aspect of training at this point.
~Frank Shorter

Part of courage is simple consistency.
~Peggy Noonan

Maybe the most important preparation takes place when no one is looking, when no one is there to say ‘better hurry up’ or ‘good job.’ It’s simply us and the task at hand.  We can choose to push it or blow it off, and no one but us will ever know the difference.  But there is a difference, and it’s a big one.  I want to be the same person, willing to exert the same effort, whether anyone is looking or not.
~Kristin Armstrong

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