Show Yourself a Little Love!

by Stephanie on February 14, 2011 · 0 comments

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It was 45 degrees here in the Midwest so I decided to do yesterday’s long run outside.  The goal was to run for 70 minutes straight, 5 minutes longer than I’d ever run before.

My route went from my house to this great paved bike/running/walking path along the river.  I started out in pants, a short sleeved top, and a long sleeved tee on top.  Turns out it was so sunny and gorgeous that 20 minutes in I took off the long sleeved shirt and left it along the route.  A while later I was wishing I had worn shorts.  A pretty great feeling when the path is surrounded on both sides by snow!

The outbound portion of the run was great.  I felt solid and ran a good pace.  The way back was much tougher.  They headwind was strong.  My upper body tensed against the force no matter how I much I tried to stay relaxed.  My legs kept me moving at a decent pace, but the effort was much more than before.  The wind is not new but despite the fact that I’ve spent countless hours on this path over the last few years, I always seem to forget about it.  I’m sure my mind blocks it out as a survival technique.  If I remembered, I might never go back down there.  Except maybe for the scenery.

I did finish my 70 minutes of running without a single stop though and felt pretty dang good afterward!  Then, almost immediately after I started walking the rest of the way home (my cool down of course) I got stuck waiting for a train to pass.  This meant about 15 minutes of alternately stretching, walking around, and twiddling my thumbs.  It’s all up hill (one particularly long, steep hill) from the river path to my house and by the time the train passed my legs was already realizing how tired they were. 

My quads were jello as I trekked home but during that walk I couldn’t help but be proud of my body for everything they have accomplished.  I started talking out loud about it and it went something like this:

“You know what, you did well today.  You’re far from perfect and we’ve had our share of issues, what with all the injuries and aches and pains and not being model thin, but you keep pushing through all of these workouts I keep making you do.  And you keep adapting and allowing me to do more.  You’re pretty awesome for that, so thank you.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop asking so much from you!”

We’re hard on bodies.  Women especially.  Athletes especially.  We constantly push it to go farther and faster.  We pick on its few flaws while ignoring all of its strength and beauty. So in honor of Valentine’s Day take a moment to think about your body.  Think of its assets.  Think of what it allows you to accomplish every day.  Trust me, if you look for it there’s much more good than bad! 

Focus on the good, say thank you, and show it a little love =)

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