New, Tried & True Running Shoes!

by Stephanie on February 23, 2011 · 0 comments

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Aren’t they beautiful???  These babies are my new New Balance WR760 NBX Stability running shoes!  They just came in the mail over the weekend and I’m so excited about them!

Now, as the title says, these are tried and true shoes for me.  I bought my first pair a couple of years ago after being fit at my local running store.  I tried on several different pairs that time out and ran around the store in each.  There was no question which shoe I liked the most.  It was so much more cushion-y than the others I tried and it made my sprained-several-times ankle feel solid.  I plopped down over $100 for them and died a little inside, but it was all worth it.  The first time I ran in those shoes I ran over over 4 miles for the first time in my life!  From then on I just called them my magic shoes =)

The second time I bought the shoes I didn’t do much more than check that I needed the same size.  This last time though, I wanted to shop around.  I’d read somewhere that it was a good idea to change up your shoes from time to time because each one fits your foot slightly differently and the change is good.  I don’t know how true that is, but I figured I’d see what else was out there.  So I went back to my local running store and tried on a few different styles that they recommended.  The ones I liked the most next to my shoes were the Asics Gel 3020.  They were less cushion-y but felt more stable.  I logged the model away in my brain for future reference since my shoes were quite worn out yet.

A couple of weeks ago I decided my shoes only have a couple months left in them so I should get their replacements.  I went to to order the Asics and saw they were $120.  More expensive than I was expecting as I can usually get them cheaper online.  Oh well, I thought.  They’re new!  They’re exciting!  Who cares if they cost a bit?

But then I started having doubts.  What if the new shoes aren’t as comfortable?  What if they caused an injury, like the wrong shoes can do?  If they didn’t work I’d be out even more money because I’d have to get different shoes to replace them!  I know, I know. I over analyze everything.  This is something I already knew about myself.  So I gave myself a few days to think about it and I then I went with my gut and got the my trusty New Balance kicks again.  And I couldn’t be happier.  Sometimes it’s better to just stick with what works.

I wore the new shoes on Monday night for my long run.  On their first time out, I ran 7 miles… my all-time longest run.  Long live the magic shoes!

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