Motivational Monday: Time Management

by Stephanie on February 21, 2011 · 1 comment

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We can all use a little extra motivation at the beginning of the week. Introducing Monday Motivation! Each week I’ll post a few inspirational or helpful quotes, tips, and tricks to help keep you on track.

This week’s quotes are about time management, something most of us struggle with. Read them, think about them, and let them inspire you to manage your time better this week!

Set priorities for your goals… A major part of successful living lies in the ability to put first things first. Indeed, the reason most major goals are not achieved is that we spend our time doing second things first.

~Robert J. McKain

The key to setting priorities, the order in which you must accomplish things, is to ask yourself, “What is my payoff in doing this activity? How does this fit in with my long-term objectives…?”

~Success Magazine

All time management begins with planning.

~Tom Greening & Dick Hobson

We always have time enough, if we will but use it right.

~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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