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by Stephanie on February 5, 2011 · 3 comments

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Every needs a tool box.  A hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench.  It allows you to do the jobs you need to do, make the fixes that you need to make, and keep your home/car/life running smoothly.  Well, you need a tool box for healthy living too.  Only it shouldn’t have a hammer in it (I don’t think).  It should have tools to help you stay on track and meet your goal, whatever that is.

There are  tons of tools out there.  Diet plans, prepackaged food, calorie trackers and point systems, exercise programs, heart rate monitors, workout equipment… the list goes on.  Different tools work for different people.  It may take some trial and error to figure out what works for you.  To help out, I’ll be doing this Tool Box series from time to time.  Enjoy!

So, I’ve already told you that I’ve lost 21 lbs in the last 5 months.  Not breaking any records for speed, but a wise man (from the show White Collar) once said “slow progress is lasting progress”.  A tool that has helped me tremendously so far is the Lose It! application for the iPhone (and all other app-ready Apple products).

Lose It! is a calorie tracking application.  You enter your current weight, your goal weight, and how many pounds you want to lose each week (from 0.5 – 2 lbs or maintain).  The application then gives you the number of calories you can eat each day and a date by which you’ll reach your goal.

Once you have a calorie allowance you can just go about adding the food you eat from an extensive database that includes generic foods, supermarket brands, and restaurants.  Everything from ground beef to Wheat Thins to McDonald’s to Red Lobster.  For foods they don’t have you can create a new food that will be saved for you to use again.  You can also build recipes.

They also have an exercise database that gives you the approximate calories you burn doing different activities.  If you have a heart rate monitor or other way of tracking calories burned, you can manually add those as well.

On any given day you can record your weight and it will graph it for you on the Goals tab.  It will then adjust your calories up or down so you continue losing at the correct rate.

The screen shots below will give you an idea of what the application looks like.  It’s clean, sharp looking, and very easy to use.  I probably only spend 10-15 minutes a day entering things and it keeps me on track.  I never would have done a calorie tracker before, but since it’s on my phone it’s super easy.  I almost always have my phone with me!

Since I started using this app, at least 3 of my friends have caught on too and they all love it.  If you have a suitable Apple device, give it a try!

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