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by Stephanie on February 2, 2011 · 1 comment

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Well, after the Midwestern blizzard that struck last night I am stuck at home mulling around the house between hour long bouts of shoveling.  Being snowed in gives you lots of time to think, so I figured it was about time I wrote down a few 2011 goals.  Better one month late than never!

Goal setting is something I love to do.  I love picking a challenge and making a plan to achieve it.  And since they say that people who share their goals are more accountable and more likely to succeed, I’ve posted a couple of goals below.  They’re big ones, but doable.  I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress in future posts, but feel free to make suggestions or check up on me as times goes on.

1) Lose the last 54 lbs to make my goal weight

I’ve talked about why I started this journey, but this is the remaining weight I need to lose to reach what my doctor suggested would be a healthy weight for me.  I have already lost 21 lbs and have a solid plan in place to lose the rest of it.  In future posts, I’ll share what’s worked for me in this area!

2) Run a half marathon

And I do mean run.  I want to be able to run the whole 13.1 miles with the exception of  maybe walking through water stops.  Maybe 😛  It may not be fast or pretty, but that’s the goal!  I have secondary goals for finish times I’d like to think I can hit but since this is my first half marathon, finishing really is the most important thing.

I’ve been running consistently since August when I started the Couch to 5k program.  Recently I ran over 6 miles for the first time in my whole life.  Almost half way there! I’ll be signing up for other races to keep me motivated and gauge my progress as well.

I’ve signed up for the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on June 25th and I’ll likely be signing up for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon which is on October 1st.  I’ll be running both events with good friends so I know they’ll be a blast.

What are your goals?  Share in the comments!

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