A Confidence Boost Just In Time

by Stephanie on August 21, 2014 · 0 comments

in Triathlon

The last couple of weeks have been full of triathlon-induced anxiety. With my first olympic distance race coming up on August 31st I’ve had escalating doubt.

I’m not ready.

Will I even be able to finish?

Even if I do finish, I’ll be SO slow. Why bother?

Why aren’t I in better shape? And 80 lbs lighter??

All of these questions are fear-based. I’ve never done the distance so I don’t know what to expect. My mind wants to protect me from this scary thing.

Every athlete doubts their training at some point.  The training can should also give you the confidence you need to tackle a new challenge.

Last Sunday I planned to do a brick workout.  That’s triathlon lingo for a two-sport workout.  This one was going to be a 20 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run.

I met my training buddy, Steve, down at the bike path and set up my transition area in the back of my car.  What gear did I have?  For the bike I had Darkwing Bike, helmet, gloves, sunglasses, water bottle and bike shoes.  For the run it was socks and running shoes.


(Ignore the jumper cables.  I didn’t need them.)

It was a nice warm night with a breeze that made for a headwind going out and a tailwind coming back.  We kept a decent pace and made one stop at the park restrooms around mile 12.  Just enough time for a selfie!


(No worries, I was wearing a helmet.  Just giving my head a breather!)

We finished the bike and I was feeling pretty good.  We headed out on the run at slow and steady pace.  My legs were tired but I was surprised with how easy it was to keep moving.  My ankle twinged a couple of times but nothing that a super short walk break couldn’t fix.


(DONE!  Woo hoo!)

The whole workout took about 2 hours.  I felt tired but great.  The olympic triathlon will be tough but now I know i can do it.  That’s good.

How do you gain confidence for a race?



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