Questing with Nerd Fitness

by Stephanie on October 23, 2014 · 0 comments

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Tonight was unexpected but a lot of fun.  I was hanging out with my training partner and best friend, Steve, and I was tell him how I want to start strength training again.  I know I need to do it.  It will help me lose weight and gain the strength I need to finish a half Ironman strong.  It has been years since I’ve consistently done it and I’m a little nervous.  But in the spirit fearing less, we just did.  We started tonight.

We looked at a couple of different training plans and decided to join the Nerd Fitness Academy.  I’ve read NF for a while now and I love the idea of turning your health journey into a game.  Kind of like a questing video game.  When you sign up for the NF Academy you pick a character name.  Here she is:


That’s right.  In this little world, I am Stefania, Warrior Princess.  Just a little shout out to Xena & Hercules, which I loved watching back in the day!

The academy has all kinds of information about nutrition and fitness, including several different workout plans, meal plans, and recipes.  There are all kinds of quests you can complete to gain XP (experience points) and level up.  They range from simple (write down your “why”) to difficult (sign up for a new class/learn something new), cardio-based (run a 10k, run a half Ironman) to strength-based (deadlift 1/2 your bodyweight, do a pull-up).

Steve and I started the dumbbell workout plan tonight.  There are seven levels so it should allow us to progress and gain strength.

The workout was pretty tough.  I feel great though.  I’m excited to be starting something new.  I’m excited to have a plan to follow.  Now I just need to stick with it!



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