I’m a little behind on posting this recap because my life was taken over by packing, attending, and recovering from Fitbloggin.  Totally worth it.

The QC Tri was my first triathlon of the year and considering what happened last year, I was pretty nervous leading up to it.  All I could think was that I would get hurt and not be able to do Ironman 70.3 Racine.  I could feel the pain in my ankle all over again if I thought about it too hard.

In response to my fears my Mom gave me the best advice: “Run in the middle of the road!”  Thanks Mom! :)

The morning of the race Steve and I got to the park about an hour before the start.  It was my first time wearing a wetsuit in a race so I wanted to be sure to get in the lake and make sure everything felt good.

My goals for this race were to push a little on the swim and the bike and take it easy on the run (I did have a long run planned for the next day!).


(transition, post race.  I never remember to take pics before!)

The swim went well.  I had a good, steady rhythm from the beginning.  This year instead of being shaped like a triangle, with 2 turns, the swim course was a straight out and back (around a buoy).  I liked it much better.  

During the last third of the swim the right leg of my wetsuit, from the knee down, filled with water.  I don’t know how or why; it never happened in open water practice swims.  It wasn’t a big deal at this race but it would be during a longer swim.  Hopefully I can figure that out.  On the bright side my pace was exactly where I wanted it.

qctriathlon-swim-2015 (source)

The bike course was 15 miles out and back.  I kept a good pace despite it being hillier than I had been riding recently.  The wind wasn’t too bad which was a blessing.  The headwinds in past years has been killer.  I kept a 15.1 mph average pace and finished in just under an hour.

The first mile of the run was on grass and gravel (think cross-country course) and being already prone to ankle sprains I took it very slowly on the uneven ground.  Once I got to the paved road I was able to keep a better pace but I still held back.  This was a training race for me and I didn’t feel pressure to push it.

qctriathlon-2015-steve-me (finished!)

My finish time was 2:07.  Not my best and not my worst.I’m really happy with how this race went.  I trained, I started, I finished, and I had fun.  My swim and bike paces were where they should be.  I gained confidence for the 70.3.

And I didn’t even have to go to Urgent Care!  <– it’s the little things 😛



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